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The secretariat of IDAY- International, based in Belgium, supports sustainable, inexpensive and easily replicable projects initiated by the coalitions of IDAY- Africa and integrated in their local advocacy campaigns.

Once their effectiveness is demonstrated, they are presented to governments to be implemented on national scale and duplicated in other regions and/or countries. Find out more about all these projects on 


The success of this 3-year programme co-financed by the European Union was confirmed by an independent evaluation and audit : the African civil society has demonstrated that it is capable of implanting large scale projects and obtain commitments from the authorities when they are integrated into project management from the onset. 

100% of the goals were achieved.

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Training and defenses of young domestic workers of Kenya, Ouganda,

Rwanda, Burundi, RDC

Education & health: eradicating malaria trough the Artemisia annua and School Gardens

Education of minors in prison

Education des jeunes en zones

de conflit et post-conflits

Measuring the quality of education in view of SDG4 (Sustainable and development

goals number 4)



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